Reproductive System

Reproductive System


Synthetic Oxytocin

Synpitan ®

Synpitan is a synthetic oxytocin. Oxytocin is a nonapetide of the neurohypophysis with a stimulating action on the uterine myometrium when it is under the influence of estrogens. As such, it is effective when it is used within 48 hours post-delivery or after an estrogen treatment.
In cases of pyometra it is advised to associate it with antibiotics and fluids via parenteral so as to combat the infection.

Indications for Use

For inducing labor in cases of uterine inertia. Prevents and controls post-labor hemorrhage and is a corrector of post–labor atony and retention of placenta. It also is an adjuvant for antibiotic therapy for piometra and endometritis.

Via of Application and Dosage

1.5 to 3 mL intramuscular or intravenous.
The frequency and dosage can be modified according to the criteria of the veterinarian in attendance.


Its use is contraindicated when no cervical dilatation shows, when the animal has had previous uterine surgery and when the fetus has an abnormal presentation and/or distocia.


Packs of 12 units of 10 mL.

  • Synthetic Oxytocin 100 UI
  • Water for the injectables q.s. 10 ml
  • Final concentration10 UI/ml