Farantel 1000®

Internal Antiparasite for equines - oral use

Farantel 1000 ®

It is a vermicide, larvicide and ovicide in gastrointestinal and pulmonary parasitosis.
Due its ovicide effect it prevents contamination from pastures and stables, which is a key factor in getting rid of the infection.
Fenbendazole is a benzimidazole methylcarbonate of great anthelminthic capacity. Its action mechanism is through union to the tubulin protein and in this way it inhibits the polymerization of same to form microtubules. These form part of the cytoskeleton and, besides, participatein the transport of nutrients and the elimination of metabolites.
Trichlorfon is an organophosphate compound which confers a larvicide and ovicide function to the antiparasite formula by generating the irreversible inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase which leads to the blockade of the hydrolysis of acetylcholine in sites of cholinergic transmission. Due to the hepatic metabolism which this antiparasite has, a liver protector, Methionine is included. This works by providing methyl and sulphur to form choline and by eliminating certain toxic compounds in the organism.

Indications for Use

This antiparasite acts on nematodes, cestodes and trematodes in general, but it is excellent for combating parasitosis caused by Ascaris, Parascaris, Strongylus vulgaris and edentatus, Strongyloides westeri, Habronema and Triodontotus.

Via of Administration and Dosage

Administer at a rate of 1 syringe each 500kg of weight orally. It is recommended to repeat the treatment between the 15 and 20 days after first application.


We recommend that it should not be used with female horses in the last three months of pregnancy nor in colts less than 6 months old.
Do not administer with other organophosphates or inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase.
Do not administer together with phenothazine tranquillizers nor with anesthetics 10 days before and after application.


Keep the product in a clean, dry place between 4º and 30ºC out of children's reach.
Uso veterinario.


1 syringe containing 38 g of paste.

  • Febendazole 15 g
  • Triclorfon 50g
  • DL – Metionine12,5 g
  • Excipients c.s.p.100 ml


Indications for use

This product is suitable for the control and treatment of gastro-intestinal, pulmonary and skin infestations which affect horses.
Target Species
Adult horses

Via of Administration

Oral via


The product comes in a syringe containing 38 g of paste or 24 g of paste.

  • Ivermectin 1.50 g
  • Praziquantel 18.75 g
  • Propylene glycol csp 100 g